About Us

Welcome to Dots Academy!

            It was the dearth of a good civil service academy which sincerely cared for the students and their future that prompted us to establish an institution. We began on an experimental basis for mains 2014 with meagre investment. But the overwhelming response that we got after seeing the question papers forced us to give a serious thought to it. Indeed we were rewarded for all the sweat and blood and the sleepless nights that went into preparing question papers. Around 85% of our questions were repeated in UPSC mains exam. Yes! Even we were dumbfounded.Some of them were ditto. Thereafter we have started a full-fledged academy for civil services at Trivandrum. The faculties teaching at different institutions have come together under one roof to provide the much-awaited quality coaching to ensure that the students reach their destination without being taken for a ride.