Best PSC coaching in Kerala

DOTS ACADEMY provides quality PSC coaching in Kollam as well as PSC coaching in Trivandrum at our respective centres. We now provide online psc coaching in Kerala to help crack Kerala PSC exam. Join PSC live online coaching in Trivandrum to enjoy the best online psc classes in Kerala. Without any doubt, Dots Academy provides the best PSC coaching in Kerala.

Ever wondered why one should attend PSC Coaching when you have a vast exposure to the study materials on the internet?

The most fulfilling event of anybody’s life would be to achieve our dreams. And the dreams of youth lies in having a secure life through a secure job. The journey towards such a job is realized through success in competitive exams. We can never overlook the contributions of Kerala PSC towards securing the life of millions of job seekers.

Why Kerala PSC?

Most of the job seekers in Kerala prefer Kerala PSC to other exams. The reasons are aplenty. First and foremost reason is the attraction of having a secure job nearby home. Doing a job without giving up the comforts of a cosy home and the proximity of near and dear ones makes one try for a PSC exam. Secondly, it is the relative abundance of study materials in this regard. Almost everywhere in Kerala, one can get hold of handbooks and virtual materials for the same. Last but not least, a relatively easy syllabus and predictable pattern of question papers.

Different exams

Technical or trade-related exams demand technical or professional qualification from the candidate whereas general exams of PSC do not demand any specific qualification except for any degree or plus two or 10th std qualification. General Exams include Secretariat Exam, University Assistant Exam, Kerala Police SI, Civil Police Officer, BDO Exam, Excise Inspector Exam, LDC, VEO, etc.

What is new in the exam pattern?

With knowledge explosion, the skill for any candidate lies in the selective study. Not all that is provided in youtube classes or free study materials abundantly available on the internet is going to be beneficial to the aspirant. The discretion of what to study and what not to study is important. So is the time they spend studying. Equally important is understanding the exam pattern and solving the previous year question papers.

On analyzing the question papers of the recently held exams of PSC, we understand that the questions are becoming innovative and unpredictable. Some questions also test the candidate’s depth in a particular topic. All such questions underline the need for a guided and in-depth knowledge rather than the parrot-fashioned repetitions.

Why Dots Academy?

The relevance of coaching centres in this era of free online classes has always been a matter of debate. The success in any exam depends on not how much you know. But how you can recollect and how well you can do in an atmosphere of stress and anxiety. Here is where the relevance of coaching centres come. We provide you with the necessary ambience to write the exam away from your comforts of home.

Time-bound completion of syllabus is another aspect. Whether it be online classes or other coaching classes, which makes us a class apart is the completion of syllabus within a specific duration. We schedule all our classes weekly.

Listening to classes doesn’t guarantee success until they are tested. We provide daily mock tests for a candidate to evaluate her/him. It is also an opportunity to get acquainted with the pattern of the exam.

We have found students for PSC struggling with Maths, Reasoning, and English. The main reasons are an irrational fear concerning these subjects and a lack of practice. To solve this problem, we have very compassionate and dedicated teachers for these subjects as well as a workbook for practice. Further, workbook practise is available for all subjects like Malayalam Grammar, Kerala Renaissance, Indian and Kerala History, Economics, Computer Awareness, Kerala and Indian Geography, etc.

Another speciality of Dots Academys PSC Coaching at kollam is its provision to have peer to peer discussion at the academy. Putting heads together helps in better retention and the process more interesting.

Join Dots Academy to get the best PSC coaching in Kerala and live your dreams.