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The demand for a State Civil Service Exam was raised long before and that too many a time.  However, a clarion call to KAS was given in 2017 when it was notified in the Kerala Gazette in Dec 2017. But ever since, it had to face a lot of hurdles in the form of Age bar and Reservation Policies.

The recent developments on the KAS is, however, encouraging. A notification to fill up the premier posts under Kerala Government can be expected very soon.

So that leaves us with the question of what to study for the exam. There are a lot of speculations on the KAS syllabus and pattern of the exam.

There are many who argue that the syllabus would be modelled on the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Others are of the view that the exam would be an amalgamation of many other State Administrative Exams conducted in different States.

Kerala Administrative Service Exam Coaching : Syllabus

Speculations apart, we can be sure of some parts that cannot be missed in any Administrative exam. Firstly, it is Indian History. As with any exam, an aspirant can expect the syllabus to contain topics from Ancient India, Medieval and Modern History of India. There are less chances of skipping topics from Freedom Struggle and Post-Independence India.

Another very crucial topic is Indian Polity. Topics on Constitution, Governance, Administration, etc come under this.

Geography of India and the World is something a good administrator should always be aware of and hence this subject would definitely occupy a chunk of the syllabus.

Indian Society and its features can definitely be a part of the syllabus since an administrator requires a general idea of the customs, beliefs and value system of the society before executing any decision.

It is yet to be seen whether the topics from Economics would be just the Macroeconomics or whether Microeconomics would also be included in it.

The age of technology definitely demands topics from science, new developments and innovations in the field. Basic science can also be expected as without base developments don’t make sense.

Another important topic that we expect is from the section of Disaster Management especially in the backdrop of a fragile ecological system of Kerala.

International and bilateral relations could also be a topic under the syllabus.

The last but not the least, as with every State Civil Services Exam, history and culture of the state, economics and geography of the state is going to occupy a prominent position in the syllabus. And so is the ability in Malayalam language. We expect it wouldn’t be a peripheral knowledge but a rather in depth knowledge of the same.

The thing which is still in dilemma is the question over optional Paper. It is uncertain whether an optional paper can be expected for the Exam.

KAS coaching in kerala : Exam Pattern

The pattern of the exam can be expected on the lines of UPSC Civil Services Exam, ie, a two-stage exam. The first one Preliminary exam in the objective form and the second stage Mains exam in the traditional style (Descriptive Paper).And the final stage the personality test. It is likely that one can appear in mains exam in both English and Malayalam language.

Marks obtained in the preliminary stage may not be a decisive factor in the overall score if we go by the examples set by other State Civil services Exam. However, the score in the Mains exam and the personality test will play a vital role in the final rank list.

The Present Dilemma

Since the syllabus is yet to be notified, every aspirant is at sea. But this hesitation can prove to be costly especially if the time gap between the notification and conduct of exam is small. In such a scenario, it is very essential that the aspirant starts learning without waiting for the exam notifiaction. And as the adage goes, “The Early bird catches the worm”.

The Way Forward

Now the next dilemma is where to get trained? Definitely, a competent academy which has a proven potential of churning success out of aspirants. An academy where one can be sure that the teachers are not going to leave one in the lurch. A place where there are ambient and encouraging conditions to learn. An academy where the teachers are better learners and highly approachable.

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Let us all welcome KAS with pomp and vigour. And be proactive in cracking the exam with enthusiasm.

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